Spiritual Growth

In the chapel

  • Noon Mass every Tuesday, Wednesday, & first Friday of every month
  • Our Mother of Perpetual Help every Wednesday; Rosary at 5:30 p.m. with Novena following

​Baptism Classes

second Sunday of every month

  • English classes after the 10 am Mass
  • Spanish classes after the 12 pm Mass


First Friday of every month from 9:30 am to 4 pm

July 8, 2018 14th Sunday In Ordinary time

As we look at Mark's gospel, Mark's gospel focuses on the human side of Jesus yes, they take into account the divinity but they really focus on the human side and this is where we're encountering that human side this morning. Imagine, there is Jesus as a young person, ....

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Sunday Homily

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You  Are Welcome at Holy Cross

This past week, as we’ve celebrated Independence Day, we’ve reflected on one of the things nearest and dearest to us Americans: freedom, or as our Founding Fathers described it, liberty. ...

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Our Location

The Responsibility of our faith. Today is a day simply to ponder the fact that in baptism we were claimed by God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The first reading from Deuteronomy prompts us to fix in our hearts the truth that God is the Lord of both heaven and earth and there is no other god...

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