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All over the Wichita Diocese, many priests recently started new assignments. Undoubtedly, some had mixed feelings about uprooting themselves and beginning again in a new part of the diocese. At such a crossroads, a priest knows to reflect upon Jesus’ three years of public ministry...

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June 28th, XIII Sunday of Ordinary time

In college as a missionary there were many moments of contradiction. I would find myself in the presence of the materially poor and desire to do whatever I could to alleviate their suffering, but often families would insist on serving and feeding our group...

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One time I was driving to Chicago with my priest friend and we were conversing and suddenly I realized that I was very close to the car in front of me and then I noticed there was a, what do you call, a sticker? A bumper sticker that read "Do you follow Jesus this close?"...

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A: We provide printable donation slips that can be placed into the collection basket.

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